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      TCL Industry Holding Co., Ltd.

      地址 /Add:惠州仲愷高新區惠風三路 17 號 TCL 科技大廈 22 層

      網址 /Web:www.tcl.cn

      TCL 創立于 1981 年,前身為中國首批合資企業之一?TTK 家庭電器 ( 惠州 ) 有限公司,從最初從事磁帶的生產制造到布局電話、電視、手機、冰箱、洗衣機、空調、液晶面板等領域,業務范圍不斷拓展。
      1999 年,TCL 率先進軍越南市場,邁出中國企業“走出去”的重要一步。至今已在全球布局 28 個研發機構、10 家聯合實驗室、22 個制造基地,業務遍及全球 160 多個國家和地區,成長為具有全球影響力的領先企業。
      2019 年,TCL 完成資產重組,拆分為 TCL 科技集團股份有限公司(簡稱“TCL 科技”)和 TCL 實業控股股份有限公司(簡稱“TCL 實業”)。TCL 科技聚焦半導體顯示及材料產業,以產業金融與投資創投支持主業發展,加速向技術 / 資本密集型的高科技產業集團轉型。

      TCL was established in 1981 as TTK Home Appliances (Huizhou) Co., Ltd., and was one of China’s fifirst joint venture companies. It started with producing magnetic tape and eventually moved on to produce telephones, televisions, mobile phones, refrigerators, washing machines, air conditioners, LCD display panels, etc., and its scope of business is constantly expanding.

      In 1999, TCL was the fifirst to enter the Vietnamese market and took the important fifirst step in the “going abroad” of Chinese companies. As of today, TCL has established 28 R&D organizations, 10 joint laboratories, and 22 manufacturing bases all around the world, and operates in over 160 countries and regions around the world. It has grown to become a leading company with global inflfluence.
      In 2019, TCL completed the handover of major assets in a restructuring and was split into TCL Technology Group Corporation (TCL Technology) and TCL Industrial Holdings (TCL Industrials). TCL Technology focuses on the semi-conductor display and materials industry and is supported by industrial fifinance & investment business and venture capital investment to accelerate its transformation into a technology & capital-intensive high tech industrial group.

      主要產品 /Products

      85" 8K 120Hz IGZO 全球首款 LCD 高階 TV、13.3" Mini-LED 平板、TCL 98X9C、TCL C12 量子點 Mini LED 智屏、TCL X12 8K Mini LED 星曜智屏
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